I finished Milon Townsend’s Making and Marketing Better Artwork today. I’d started it a while ago but put it down while getting through some personal challenges. I’m glad I picked it up again. It ended with a gem I wanted to share:

Many people do not realize or admit to themselves that we do choose our situation. We do have the ability to configure the way we want. If we clearly lay out our goals and priorities, we can then begin to arrange, nudge, and shift each aspect of our situation toward those goals.

Painting by Julia Dziuba made with acrylics, fabric and beads titled "Nude".

Nude, 2006. Acrylic, Beadwork and Fabric on Canvas 28 H x 22 W inches. A “life portrait” I created when graduating from college and looking for work.

This speaks to me because it is realistic. Townsend is not talking about drastic life changes or huge risks that the average person cannot or will not make. Yet leading a life you want is an incredible thing. Taking the time to define what you want in your life, what is important and what you can sacrifice is a step many never take. Determining the steps you’d need to move toward that life is even more rare. But anyone can do it. You just have to start.

I’ve been working hard. Nights and weekends after the children, home and husband are cared for I sneak away to do art. I’ve gotten my work into shops, boutiques and next month I can add galleries to the list. I’m taking steps. But it is about time to write about what I want and where I would like all of this work to lead me.

What would you want to add or change in your own life?