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The past couple of months have been fantastic for my artist development. I let go of creating art others might enjoy and just started exploring for myself, by myself. My beaded works crew in design and intensity. I found a new technique to create beach-themed textural collage components in my jewelry. I’ve had great breakthroughs on several fronts and positive feedback – when I wasn’t even looking for it.

Necklace and earrings set by Julia Dziuba titled Feminine Earth. Composed with 15mm green/amber dyed howlite nuggets, 13x18mm petersite flat ovals, 8mm indian agate rounds bought in China Town SF, 8x14mm multi-color indian aventurine ovals , rhodochrosite, black agate and other assorted gemstone chips, 4mm stone beads, seed, bugle beads and sterling silver.

An example of Julia Dziuba’s recent work, Feminine Earth.

Yet. It might be time to resurface. Come up for air.

I believe it is important for an artist to keep her solid footing on the shore and not go swimming alone for too long. It is easy to get turned around out there by yourself.

What is the point of creating if others cannot appreciate your creations? Though that’s too far. My creations were appreciated – but only from afar. The realization came when a very creative friend said something along the lines of “This is so great I could stop by and see all your work! I love this one… but it’s too big for me to wear.” Then a more refined eye pointed out that my pieces have grown into and defined my own style. Slower than expected sales of my new work drove home the lesson and it came as a big surprise to me – enthusiastic encouragement and compliments do not translate to sales.

I’m not questioning the quality of my new work, my growth and the value of the last several months but now that I’m here I realize I have more to learn. What aspects of my growth are marketable? How can I make my inspirations appeal to a larger audience?

Please stay tuned as I refine my work, distilling it down to the components that appeal to you. I’m looking forward to your feedback!