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I decided to start working on a bucket list. Just for fun. It’s not so much from the professional perspective. Just general life. It is going to be a “living” list and it lives here: https://juliadziuba.wordpress.com/bucket-list/.

When I sat down and thought about it mother/wife hood and the feeling of the home were most important.

  • Be a mother
  • Help my children to be independent, self assured, creative individuals
  • Love Ted my whole life
  • Keep close relationships with my larger family

I want a happy family and kids that know they will get all they want out of life – if they work for it.  Family is very important.

Travel also comes to mind as it often does in my day dreams.

  • Wander the world without a care in the world for weeks
  • Skydive with Ted

Ted and I jumped into responsibility almost a decade before our peers with children and mortgages.  It is very important to me to have the time and money once our kids are grown to explore new lands and cultures together.

Art makes an appearance on the list. It wouldn’t be a life without it. Though the item needs some refinement.

  • Have a demand for my art that is greater than my ability to produce it

Finally I close with two items that mean more than they may appear to.

  • Own a motorcycle again
  • Keep a house plant in “thriving” condition

The first of these is to own a motorcycle again. I’ve owned two in my life but sold the bike and the dream shortly after acquiring a mortgage. I hope when I am older and have fewer dependencies I still have the balls to enjoy a motorcycle ride. The final item is to keep a house plant alive. I had about five house plants who suffered from chronic dehydration. I recently admitted I do not have time to worry about house plants and composted them. I don’t want it to happen yet but one day I would like my day to be slow enough that I have thriving house plants in all of my rooms.

Finally and most importantly, a life-long quest: to know myself.

  • Know myself