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This weeks challenge: displaying my jewelry. I’ll be showing jewelry at the Sun Gallery Holiday Boutique soon and have a week to finish several pieces, update my inventory lists, and figure out displays for my work. Ready, set, GO!

Antique Printer Drawer Jewelry Display by BlackForestCottage

Antique Printer Drawer Jewelry Display by BlackForestCottage

Above is an antique printer drawer turned jewelry display by BlackForestCottage. Display possibilities are endless and without a doubt the coming week of planning is going to be fun!

As I look around the net for ideas and product displays I find myself with a couple of priorities:

  1. I want to look professional and sharp. The displays should speak to the quality of my work and draw individuals to my area in a boutique that is full of exceptional work.
  2. I don’t want to break the bank. I am not yet in the circuit of white tents and other shows that require extensive displays. I want to invest in display items that I will continue to use as my business grows but I’d like to be as thrifty as possible.
  3. The display should collapse down for good storage. While the look and feel of the display is the most important for the weeks of the show these display items will spend significant amounts of time packed away. I’d rather use the space I have in my home/studio for making jewelry not storing displays.

Reviewing displays I find I’m attracted to displays that play with varying heights, textures and colors. The display must look good from across the room and as a client hovers over looking at details. I’m finding there is a very delicate balance between making displays interesting and not taking too much attention away from my work.

I’m stepping up to the challenge! While I plan to blog on the display choices I make over the next week I hope you visit the Holiday Boutique in person!

The Sun Gallery will host their annual Holiday Boutique & Gift Shop Show from November 21-December 23, 2012. Open hours will be: Fridays noon to 6pm, Saturday & Sunday 10-4pm. This show is a total of 5 weekends.

Do you have any ideas for me? Please send tips and tricks!