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My last post discussed preparing for the Sun Gallery’s Holiday Boutique. This was an interesting challenge for me because it was the first time I had to design a display of my jewelry. It was a great exercise for me and I’d call it a success. For those that cannot visit the show in person here are some shots of my display.

I hoped to give my display a unified look and feel that compliments my work. Much of my work has an organic feel to it but it is also quite modern. The displays mirror this.

Picture of Julia Dziuba's jewelry display at the Sun Gallery Holiday Boutique.

Julia Dziuba’s jewelry display at the Sun Gallery’s Holiday Boutique

The center is a richly textured golden fabric surrounded in traditional neck stands. These highlight the large pieces that set the tone and illustrate my craftsmanship.  The sides of the table are lined with very modern clear displays. Earrings hang above in an interesting golden tree display. Glass ornaments are used to continue the beach theme and holiday cheer.

Picture of Julia Dziuba's original, modern jewelry displays

Modern, clear jewelry displays created by Julia Dziuba

The brainchild of all my display research is the clear stands to each side. These displays are sheets of plexiglass held at 22 degree angles by wooden bases (compliments of my husband and his circular saw). My work has a definite front and back and thus displays the best when resting on a display (so it cannot turn). These clear displays work perfectly for this yet do not block other work customers may be interested in.

Any feedback is welcome!