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As I begin showing my pieces, working with boutiques, galleries and online venues it is becoming increasingly important to manage my inventory, its history and my clients. I have an excel workbook but it is falling short. A full database from scratch would be a lot of work. Is there a quick solution that will make my life easier? There must be.

A screen shot of my inventory in Excel.

A screen shot of my inventory in Excel.

After looking around at a couple of pieces of software and their features I believe my key features are:

  1. Images associated with each record. This is where excel falls short.
  2. Import and export functionality. I have 105 items in my inventory and no import functionality is a non-starter.
  3. Report features. I need to be able to create inventory lists for clients and galleries easily. I’d also like to be able to see sales trends.
  4. Intuitive layout. The location and flow of data should make it easy to see all you care about quickly.
  5. Sales and client management. Sales should be linked to clients and clients and potential clients should be able to be managed as well.
  6. Looks. It’s 2013 the program should look good so I don’t feel like I’m regressing into the 90’s every time I manage my business. I’m an artist after all – look and feel is important to me.

Wish me luck! My findings will follow in the next post!