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Sometimes you have to put business aside and get back to the things that make your heart tick. I’d like to present to you Against the Jetty.

Against the Jetty, 2012 created by Julia Dziuba

Against the Jetty, 2012 created by Julia Dziuba

Against the Jetty is one of these pieces that just becomes. It is one of those pieces that I hope my supporters can spot as mine in moments. What makes it mine is its beach theme, asymmetry and chunky goodness. It has a great spread of beads from a collection that has been growing for years.

It tells a story in a very natural, organic way. The jetty builds from a whisper to a pile of rocks as it wraps the neck and descends to the center of the chest. A net, caught against the jetty is pulled out in the tide to display the deep sea wonders it has collected with age.
The piece started with the curly-cue shells. I’d bought a couple strands of these beauties over a year ago and they have just been sitting and watching, waiting. I bought them because I really enjoyed the feminine pink and hard black edges married in that way. Applied to the ocean a net and stone jetty have a similar balance – or imbalance.

But when I thought back to the jetties of my life I did not think of rocks but more the pools and shell crusted ego systems that moved into them. The net and the jetty in this piece are brought together by the beauties that have grown into them.

It’s the life that matters.