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I’m feeling particularly grateful and wanted to say thank you.

It is an incredible thing to have people in your life that believe in you. I’ve had to work very hard at some things in my life and I’ve always been very fortunate to have parents, siblings, extended family and now a husband that not only supports me and believes in me but steps in and helps when I need it. I’m in a very good spot in my life and it’s all because of this support. A want to thank all of you that have supported me.

A picture of myself, Julia Dziuba, and my husband, Ted Dziuba.

Myself and Ted, the person I’d like to thank most.

Some of you may know I have a young family. I love being a mom. It really has shaped my life and helped me grown in many ways. And those sweeties are just amazingly adorable and precious. But it’s taken me a couple of years to find myself again among the demands of a young family. I want to thank my husband for recognizing the strains and supporting my needs. I want to thank my children in advance for letting me have a little bit of life that is mostly just mine.

Looking outside of my home I’ve been fortunate to meet a wide range of characters who all enhance or enlighten different areas of my life. I know a wide range of women who have all found their own unique mix of family, life, career and self and I learn from them. Thank you, ladies. Anyone you meet can be a teacher and motivator if you just open up and let them. And I am grateful for the teachers and motivators in my life, thank you.

Thank you.