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Those of you who follow my Facebook page may know I’ve been working on a little studio space. I recently took over my garage and completed a large workbench for my jewelry work.

I cannot express how awesome it feels to have such a space for my art.

About a year ago I claimed a small desk and two shelves for my art in our family room. This was awesome except that I couldn’t do a lot of my metal work and resins in the house. It wasn’t a legit studio space. I’d been slowly taking over the bench in the garage but it wasn’t organized well or designed for my needs. With my wonderful husband’s help we ripped out the old bench and cabinetry, painted, installed new cabinets and built my custom workbench!


Our garage before and in progress. The top two are the left and right sides in their lovely mauve state. The bottom two are the left and right sides in progress.

The left side of my newly organized garage stores all non-art garage items.

GarageMakeoverRightI’ve got a couple projects in the works on the bench and am so excited. Future posts will discuss components of the bench.