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Those in my daily life and those actively following my online feeds know by now I’m just a few short weeks away from a major life change – I’m saying Farewell to my job and pivoting my career to focus on art. Now that I’m here and the decision is made it is without question the right decision but it took me a while to get here.

Family Portrait, by myself Julia Dziuba. My first piece after my first child was born.

Julia Dziuba: Family Portrait. My first piece after my first child was born.

My first and largest issue to work through was whether a career in the arts was too selfish a pursuit. I have two children and hope to have another some day. I wanted these children and love them more than I could express. Can I even consider stepping away from monetary security with their futures wrapped up in mine? Can I consider a career where the focus is on personal growth possibly at the expense of any significant pay check in the near future?

I’d say it’s too selfish except that my family is fairly secure. My husband took some chances a couple years back (while I supported us) and has since developed quite the skill set and resume. And after several discussions he’s made it clear he fully supports me and this move.

When your most trusted friend says jump you start to think about it more seriously.

At that point I turned to the art community and Alyson Stanfield lent me her magnificent bullhorn. She posted my question and 62 comments later I had heard from artists in all phases of their life with a great spread of backgrounds talk about this very issue. Ruthie Redden talked about her life quality and the growth she’s made over the years since focusing on art. Patty Scarborough challenged me to separate the person from the career stating “selfish people are selfish, regardless of their profession.”  Sari Grove had many insights and suggested Richard Florida’s writings, where he talks about how people who are creative can be creative within their current job.  It took me quite a while to read through all of the comments. Each comment made me think.

After a bit of processing I started to feel excited as I realized I’d turned the corner and was coming home.

Thank you to all of you who shared your stories. You have shaped mine.

To those reading, what corners have you turned in your life and did they change things for the better?