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Today is the first day of my second career. I’ve been leading up to this day my entire life -so I don’t have the first day jitters – quite the opposite.

Fire Fall by Julia Dziuba

Fire Fall by Julia Dziuba

It’s pretty amazing how good I felt about my “on the side art career” 4 weeks ago when it was something I’d accomplished in between work, home, and two small children. Now with time… TIME. For the first time… I have time. Let’s linger on this point for a moment. I have time. That is just so incredible!

The bar is being raised by an order of magnitude or two and I have so much to do. THIS IS AWESOME.

I’ve moved into Trello for task management and found they have a pretty good phone app. My lists are long. I have tasks broken into this week, the next two weeks, the next month and beyond. I have tasks in follow-up with clients, new venues, extending online venues, inventory management, acquiring new tools, classes and lofty software development projects. And then there is the art. The pages of designs I now have the time to work through and grow because of.

Good morning. It is time to start!