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A bought myself an acetylene/air torch setup last week. It was a bit of an investment but such an incredible step in the right direction. My first was taken months ago when I stepped into Edith Sommer’s class and got a taste for this powerful tool and the art of metal work.

Three Drops the first sterling silver piece by Julia Dziuba

Three Drops the first sterling silver piece by Julia Dziuba

I’ve skirted around metal work when soldering jump rings and other small joints to build beaded works as large as I like. In beadwork most paths lead in intricacy. Hours feed into hours as the artist’s growth is forced down the road of further detail and complication in design. For instance, I’ve created more than one piece with over 7000 beads in it. And while these pieces did allow me to create beyond previous pieces and they do catch eyes, the market for such pieces grows smaller and smaller. This is never a place an artist wants to find themselves in.

I will always bead. But I need new avenues of growth. Metal work is the next.

Friday morning I had 4 hours alone with my new friend and we explored brass, copper, silver and solder. Several lessons, one necklace and one ring later I am officially engaged. I cannot wait for Monday when I go back to my studio to continue learning. It is refreshing to be looking forward to Monday.

What sparks your soul and are you making time for it?