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Exciting times, folks. Exciting times! This weekend I started moving my jewelry making business Access database into the tool I’ve been creating – Makers’ Moon. I’ve been developing the tool with dummy data and it is very exciting to see it presenting and reporting facts about my own work and business. I cannot wait to share it with other artists!

Preview of Makers' Moon sign in page

Preview of Makers’ Moon sign in page

Makers’ Moon primary feature is an online inventory management system for makers of all kinds. The tool is currently built to manage multiple categories of work (defined by the maker), the works themselves (creations of the maker), the venues through which the works are sold and the maker’s existing and future clients. The tool also manages “activities” or interactions between these sets. For instance when a work is consigned to a venue or commissioned and or sold to a client this is recorded in the tool. Makers’ Moon can then manage the status of each piece and it’s journey as it finds a home along with the retail value, income, expenses and profit associated with each piece. Having all of this data in an integrated tool allows Makers’ Moon to provide rich insights into the maker’s business and help them grow.

Preview of Makers' Moon works table for makers

Preview of Makers’ Moon works table for makers

Makers’ Moon is incredibly easy to use and fits nicely into a maker’s workflow because it is online. There is nothing to download – all one needs is internet access. Makers can record dimensions and a brief description of finished works quickly in the studio and then fill out or touch up the new records later that evening while relaxing at home. Because makers have access to the full database anywhere with an internet connection they can respond to existing or potential clients or venues more quickly, thoroughly and professionally.

Preview of Makers' Moon detailed view on a work

Preview of Makers’ Moon detailed view on a work

Finally, the icing on the cake, add a bio, artist statement or two and contact information and Makers’ Moon has all the information needed for a knock-out website to promote the maker and their work. With a couple clicks makers can create a public site for themselves and their works that is always up to date. This saves time and increases the makers’ visibility!

Preview of Makers' Moon public site configuration

Preview of Makers’ Moon public site configuration (more detailed configuration options present once each check box is selected)

Preview of Makers' Moon public site configuration

Preview of Makers’ Moon public works site

As I mentioned I cannot wait to share the tool! We will be inviting a handful of beta users to join August 5th for free! If you are interested please send a note to info@makersmoon.com for more information!

The tool is in its infancy yet already valuable. It’s already saved me time and taught me things about my business. I have no doubt it will do the same for thousands of other makers in due time!

To hear more on the development of Makers’ Moon follow our facebook page and tweets!