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Exciting milestones have been reached on my online art business management tool, Makers’ Moon! Two weeks ago I posted some details on the tool and screen shots of the application. Last week I invited a handful of beta users to try out the site!

We’re live!

Makers' Moon Site - Open for Beta Users!

Makers’ Moon Site – Open for Beta Users!

If you are a maker and would like to try out the tool please visit the site or email info@makersmoon.com to let us know! The tool will be free until November 1st at which time beta users that provided useful feedback will be able to continue at a discounted subscription cost and new users will be welcomed!

Get in early and let us know what you think!

I’ve been getting great feedback on the tool! Overall users find the design to be intuitive, the layout clean and color scheme calming. I really spent a lot of time on these aspects – the user experience is just as important as the features available.

I find it incredibly stimulating to have reached this point. After developing for months, working out a tool that would be ideal for me, solve my problems, it has been simply wonderful to get feedback from a wider net! Feedback to date has added a couple of features to my road map and helped me prioritize the planned features.

Up coming features include…

  1. Configurable consignment sheets and invoices for venues and clients along with portfolio pages and price lists.
  2. Export functionality for all data in database.
  3. Extentions to more easily manage prints or production style works.

Spread the word and try us out! 

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